Compression Socks for Women

//Compression Socks for Women

Compression socks for women are used to provide support and help in blood circulation. You wear compression socks in order to improve the blood flow in your legs and feet by adding slight pressure to it. By using compression socks, the legs are helped in terms of swelling and also blood clots to some extent.

Compression socks come in varying shapes and sizes. They can be prescribed by a health care provider to patients suffering from spider veins, varicose veins or someone who just had surgery. By wearing compression stockings, you can be relieved from leg swelling, the achy and heavy feeling in your legs and preventing blood clots when you had injury, after surgery or when you are less active.

Compressions Socks for Women’s Fashion

Compressions socks are functional hosiery but they are also used for fashion today. Before, compression socks and compression stockings are thought to be only ‘grandma tights’ but no, not anymore. Today’s women are busier than ever. They go on and about every day busy with things to do at home and at work.

For instance, women in the corporate world would often fly more than a few times a year for business. They spend hours and hours sitting in a cramped airplane which often leaves their legs and ankles puffy and swollen. Women who don’t want to fall victim with swollen legs and ankle or poor fashion style, they can now take advantage of women’s fashion compression socks.

Many fashion designers are seeing the need for compression socks to women who spent a lot of times sitting on cramped space. With that, they’ve started to create alternative to ‘granny tights’ so that women can take advantage of the benefits of compression socks while still being fashion-forward. Many women find this really useful that they cannot go out or travel without wearing their fashion compression socks.

How to Buy and Put Your Compression Socks

In buying compression socks, it is better to consult your prescription plan first. You might also buy compression socks through your health insurance. Find out if they pay for it and ask for a prescription from your physician. After getting a prescription, you can proceed to a medical equipment store where they will measure your legs so you can get compression socks with a really good fit.

In wearing compression socks, make sure that you follow the instructions to how long you should wear them each day. In some cases, you will have to wear them every day. When you wear your compression socks, it should feel strong all over your legs with the most pressure by your ankles and less pressure around your legs.

Your compression socks should be worn in the morning right before you get out of the bed. This is because the legs are least swollen in the early morning. Follow the way that a sock is put on when putting your compression socks. There shouldn’t be any wrinkle but with since they can be hard to put on, you can use little tips like applying lotion or using baby powder to make it easily slide.



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