100 Percent Cotton Socks Misunderstanding

//100 Percent Cotton Socks Misunderstanding
100 percent cotton socks

100 percent cotton socks is a misconception that people think that a pair of socks can be made entirely of cotton, but what is the truth?

Most individuals just underestimate how imperious socks are in their feet. Having good shoes though it is for running, biking, simply walking or hiking cannot be executed the most appropriate performance with no great socks. Try to consider making sandwiches without bread, they cannot be called as sandwich. Well, good shoes without an appropriate pair of socks does not make a great performance.

As far as sock is concerned, cotton socks are your great option. Because they are made from real cottons, that can give you an assurance that they will be great enough to be worn out. Everyone knows that picking the most appropriate pair of socks is such a vital thing to do to make sure that feet are protected well from any injuries and unpleasant odor. But, people have so many misconceptions or misunderstandings about cotton socks, that sometimes lead them to choosing to buy the ordinary one. Sometimes, they thought that cotton socks are not made from 100% cotton. Well, if you are among those individuals who have misunderstandings about 100 percent cotton socks, it is important that you know these things:

The Materials

For many people, material is one of the most important things they look at whenever they are buying something just like a pair of socks. When you are trying to look for a pair of 100 percent cotton socks, you should never hesitate to buy because they are made from 100% cotton as well. All the materials used in making cotton socks are quality that ensure total comfort and protection. Materials with higher wicking abilities can absorb & evaporate sweat from your feet, and that abilities are very significant to maintain the feet odorless & dry, also to avoid blister.


With so many different types of socks today that are made from different materials, people choose to be very careful when it comes in buying their pair of socks. Well, when you are buying socks, you may want to consider one that is comfortable to wear and will surely protect your feet from any injuries. If that is your main concern, you can always choose to buy cotton socks as they are made from one-hundred percent cotton, and always provide total comfort and protection.

Cotton socks are made from one-hundred percent cotton and are comfortable, however they retain & absorb moisture easily. That means, they don’t easily get dry. Running and walking around in a wet sock is not just uncomfortable, but also cause blister. Aside from that, cotton socks produce more frictions when feet move around. Therefore, they would wear-off fast most especially when being worn-out during the intense physical activities. Any socks that are made from cotton materials offer total comfort because they typically include cotton blends. The cotton blend sock is the combinations of sixty percent and less cotton or the rest are synthetic fibers. Cotton socks are not only good to use for daily outdoor activities, but they are also ideal to wear when you are going to have an intense physical sports activity.


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