How Do We Make Socks: About Socks Production Process

//How Do We Make Socks: About Socks Production Process

How are socks made – a common question of those who really wanted to know the step by step process on sock production? Socks are considered to be one of the most essential items you should wear to make your feet comfortable and safe. This is also considered to be a great addition to your style and fashion.  But, are you aware how these items are made or produced?

To give you an idea on how socks are made, here are the lists of the step by step process in socks production and these include the following:


Raw materials which will be used in the production of socks are washed. This is also spun into yarn at the same time colored in the factory. The yarn comes into big spools of yarn. Multitude of high quality needles then completely knits some various threads into different interlocking loops series.

The loops will be forming the tube of the woven material which is used in creating socks. For the best and most appropriate comfort and fit, each size and part is also made from individual kinds of stitching machine using different needles diameter.


All kinds of socks always come out into finished tubes. One of the best benefits of this step is that the finished garments have minimum quantity of seams that allows for excellent comfort and remove those excessive rubbing. Right after inspecting, the next process is turning out some individual pieces inside and out as well as some seaming and linking processes. Seamless linking, hand linking and auto linking are all applied to different kinds of socks.

3.Wash and Then Dry

Socks are also dried and washed to stabilization and shrinking purposes. The washing process is primarily done with the use of water only without any association of some detergents.

4.Embroidery of Logo

Logo embroidery and brand mark are primarily stitched with the use of automated machine for embroidery and computer software. Integration of different technologies and science, detailed and advanced embroidery is also possible.


Socks are also shaped through steam and heat on efficient metal kind of foot stretch frames. This provides smooth appearance and proper shape.


Quality inspection also takes place in every socks production processes. The highest quality of inspection always takes place right after the packaging process. This is just to assure that no socks would be contaminated or defective.


After socks have passed through extensive and efficient quality control processes, they are now ready to be packed depending on the specifications of the client. Packaging is very essential the same as sock itself along with some other processes that it needs. You also customize the kind of socks that you wanted to create.

These are only some of the socks processes that you need to be aware of. This only manifest that the socks you are wearing undergone thorough and efficient processes before it is made available in the market. Having these processes in mind, you’re assured that it is always safe and comfortable to wear socks.


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