Socks Maintenance Guide

//Socks Maintenance Guide

Sock is one of the most essential and important accessories. They are available in various materials and styles. Some are expensive while some are not. Still regardless of price, proper maintenance is needed in order to use them for long term. Socks are also available in various colors, which make them extremely complicated to clean and wash. To ensure you enjoy pleasurable and long sock experience, regardless of materials and colors, below detailed five tips on how to protect socks and stay them in a good condition for longer times.

  • Never Expose them to Pointed Objects

Pointed objects like fountain pens, kitchen knives, corkscrews, letter openers, long toenails could irreparably harm the material leaving you depressed from additional sock pleasure. Men, if you want to get on to your partner or girlfriend, long toenails must be eliminated now.

  • You Have to Avoid Scalding your socks

You have to treat your sock like treating your expensive bags and clothes. Of course, they like to feel tidy and clean. On the other hand, there’s no reason to boil these accessories alive. Bathing at 40 degree Celsius is enough to keep good foot hygiene.

  • You have to Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals when Washing

Sock is one of the few accessory you wear closer to your corpse. So, it’s not fair to torment them with harsh chemicals like stain remover or bleach. A little bit of washing powder and water are enough to keep them in a good condition.

  • Avoid Tumble Drying

Tumble during indeed a torment toll for the socks when you care on their longevity. This tumble dryer generated hot air and which becomes awful after a while. Hot air and spinning your socks pulls fibres. Therefore you need to keep away your sock from these shuddering beasts.

  • Keep in Mind that a Social is a Social Being Too

In the wilds socks are never alone; generally they love to hang in pairs. They feel lonesome as well as useless, on their own. In order to avoid this, it is highly advisable to get rid of them as one, and stay them as one during the waiting, cleaning or washing as well as storing process. Through this way, you can avoid a lone sock coming to an early end below your bed, while one lies not used in the shady shadows at the backside of your drawer.

Always keep in mind that you need to take good care of these accessories and for sure they will also take good care of you. Socks are full of life and extremely beautiful. They keep you comfortable during winter season, while walking etc. Never forget your socks and leave stuffed in a drawer.  You need to stay them together. You have to keep them fresh and clean. It is very much essential to keep them clean and tidy due to the fact that it can avoid the development of fungus and bacteria that can lead to annoying smell.


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