Various Types of Materials Used in Socks

//Various Types of Materials Used in Socks

The most apparent difference between socks, dress or athletic, is indeed the length. On the other hand, it’s a typically aesthetic option. Once you are experiencing diabetes or other conditions which needs clothing to encourage proper blood circulation, a knee length sock is the best choice. There are lots of materials used in making sock. Two of the most popular materials are wool and cotton.


This is expensive, however could lose shape fast. What is more, the material can soak up an uneven amount of moisture which is not good for sports. The combination of heat and moisture makes the best environment for fungus and blisters, so if you are an athlete, you need to avoid wearing a 100 percent cotton sock.


This is useful for many cold conditions; however like cotton, wool absorb moisture as well. However, wool sock retail the capability to insulate if wet, however this could result in undesirable sweaty and hot scenario.


This is a polymer popular due to its resistance and durability. It is appropriate for socks which undergo many pulling as well as stretching. But, it assimilates a quite large amount of moisture opposed to other artificial.


The same as Nylon, this is a cheap polymer which can survive wear and tear. Socks made of polyester could handle a bit more absorption opposed to nylon, as well as breathe better as well.


This is warm wool similar to polymer. Socks made of this material retain the elastic shape amidst pulling, what is more they wick sweating away.


This kind of material is popular for its great resistance to extending, and frequently added to sock to assist them stay the shape. This is also known as Lycra or Elastane.


One of the best materials used in making sock due to its waterproof fiber with great water-wicking capabilities. Socks made of this material also warm and oftentimes utilized as inner liners of the sock.



Also known as Coolmax, it is considered one of the most excellent sock materials due to its repelling water capability. To retain the shape of your sock, lessen friction and wick water. these are needed to put off blisters, lots of sock blends take account of small amounts of coolmax materials.


A very essential component in drymax socks. Profilen is indeed has the lowest friction co-efficient of all the materials.


This is a very popular expensive materials used in socks. It is waterproof and used primarily in boots which can also be utilized for thick-sport sock.


Similar to Gore-Tex, it is a think but very expensive material. A strong and light materials known for bulletproof best, it is particularly suited for sport socks which avoid abrasion to your leg.


A material made from silver which is woven into sock. It comes with anti-microbial property which assists sport socks avoid fungus as well as odors.

These are only some of the best and high quality materials used in sock. The choice of material will depend on how you use the sock.


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